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Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Recently, I was asked to contribute my thoughts on the need for regulation in support of small businesses. As an entrepreneur myself, I know that only supporting corporate companies would only make them richer and smaller business poorer. Support local economy by buying from your neighbors! One way you can do this is by shopping at farmers markets or patronizing. Also small business more likely to hire locally which will reduce unemployment rates.

If you are reading this blog post, odds are that you have shopped at a small independent business. But do you know the benefits of shopping locally? Let's explore three reasons to support your small local businesses. First, by supporting your local stores and shops, you will help keep money in your community.

This is important because most communities need more economic development efforts like these to be successful over time.

Secondly, if we all choose to shop at our local stores instead of big box retailers like Walmart, Amazon, LVMH just to name a few then they will thrive and grow which means more jobs for everyone!

Thirdly, when you shop with small businesses it helps them stay competitive against larger competitors who may not offer the same quality products as their smaller counterparts. Small local businesses are the heart of our communities and their impact goes beyond just job creation. The average independent store owner invests five to seven times more in the community than a national chain, according to Independent Business Alliance. They also offer products that you won't find at large retailers and can suggest new ideas for your home or wardrobe. Supporting small business not only helps them thrive but it supports your sense of community, too!

Most people are unaware of how much support they are giving to big corporate businesses. There are 3 ways that you inadvertently give money to the big corporations instead of supporting your local small business.

1) You buy generic brands which is typically more expensive than name brand prices because large companies have a monopoly on their product and can set the price as high as they want without competition.

2) You use coupons, discount cards, or other deals for these same stores because by shopping at the store with these offers, you're already contributing to them in some way.

3) You shop online using sites like Amazon even if it's just for one item - these larger companies take up more space so they need less customers but still manage to undercut smaller shops

In this blog post I will be sharing a few of my favorite small businesses that are ready and waiting for your patronage! This way, not only will you have the satisfaction of supporting a smaller company, but you'll be able to rest easy knowing that your money goes straight back into our local economy.

One business worth checking out is Called Bulldog Coffeeshop on 89 Granby street closer to Church and carlton intersection.

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