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Walk on the Beach

Very comfortable private setting. Always great music. Skilled professional, always aiming to provide outstanding service!


Great conversations too. Love my new faux hawk - not an easy haircut to do :) And the beard trim is perfect too.

Private setting, always clean, by appointments only, not over-booked so I Never feel rushed.


Barber is always smiling full of wisdom and always give the best services.

Free parking too!

Consistent services Adi is doing a great job! Comfortable private location.


Always leaving feeling fresh and clean, must check it out.

Naked-barber is a beautiful private shop, I love getting my regular facials and haircuts the music is always good. Easy location to get to and there's free parking.

Can I also mention the barber is sexy as fuck!

David Smith 

Jacob Lablac 

John Jukna

Alex D'Angelo

Gregor Shaw

Wow, I was really impressed by this grooming service! The Barbershop is conveniently located downtown in a spotlessly clean and beautifully furnished private suite. Lots of sunshine and lots of intelligent conversation!

At no time did I feel in any way rushed, and the focus was on giving me that special haircut I've been looking for, for some time. I was given some great professional advice on skincare and grooming tips that really applied to me. I highly recommend you try Naked-Barber for yourself; I will definitely be back!

Walk on the Beach
Michael O'Rourke

I had great haircut and beard trims at the naked barber. Adi is very talented and he takes his time to do a quality job. He's also very personable and easy to talk to. I’m looking forward to exploring some of the other services he offers, including facials and skin care consulting.

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