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Why is it crucial to stay positive every day.

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

You know that feeling you get in your stomach when life is not going like it should? It’s a sinking, tense sensation and typically we don't want to feel this way. Fortunately there are plenty of ways for us to fix these feelings -and make our lives better- by just changing the state of mind! When we're positive about everything around us, even if things aren't perfect at least they'll be easier on ourselves. So what can you do today or tomorrow morning – right now as I speak-to start being more positive so you can hopefully find some peace again? Smile: try smiling while doing small chores such as making breakfast or assembling clothes…it might seem silly but multiple studies have shown how contagious positivity

it's unfortunate that we can't escape hard times in life, but they're inevitable. When you have a positive attitude it becomes easier to cope with these situations and get past them quicker than someone who has an extremely negative mindset. Stress drains our energy naturally so having less of this is always beneficial for those wanting more vitality! At the same time, sometimes your mind itself can be what holds you back from enjoying exercise or staying active--which puts all sorts of pressure on ourselves when there isn’t any need for it at all.

Morning affirmations are good for our mental health. Doing them every morning sets the tone for a positive day and helps us shake off any negativity that may be lingering from yesterday's problems or worries. The following 3-morning affirmations can help you in your journey towards self care!

1) I choose to have a positive day, so I refuse to let anything negative happen today;

2)I control how I respond to people things and situations--they don't dictate my moods, thoughts or feelings about myself;

3)No one has permission steal my positivity (joy/happiness), peace of mind, or energy while i'm living on this earth.


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